The Company

We wish to create value for our community members by helping them redeploy underutilized resources for urban mobility. A network of collaborative parking spots is the central piece of this solution. Thence come economic, social and environmental benefits for all, and an entrepreneurial society where community-driven innovation is the norm.

ABOUT US believes that urban parking is an integral part of the mobility challenge. Resource and cost-sharing can contribute to breaking the gridlock and improve mobility. Our vision is sharing of under-utilised urban assets for the benefit of all. We have confidence in the future, courage to change, belief in the individual and the entrepreneurial society.


Benefits for the community
  • Less traffic, pollution, noise in our neighbourhoods
  • Densification of urban resources
  • An entrepreneurial spirit for all: revenues from underutilised resources
  • Increased revenue opportunities for local businesses
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Benefits for spot owners
  • You help a parkego community member save time and money
  • Your parking spot earns you extra cash
  • You can decide when the spot is free and when you want it back
  • Your no longer worry about finding a tenant; they find you
  • You are a sharing-economy rockstar!
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Benefits for the motorist
  • You book and you know where you will park
  • You park close to your destination and you save time
  • You save money on parking
  • Your vehicle is safe as compared to street parking
  • You are a sharing-economy rockstar!
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